Decorative Glass

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LED Wall Mirrors

Price: 4000 - 10000 INR/Square Foot

LED wall mirrors provide lighting in a unique and modern way. There are various shapes of LED mirrors available, ranging from traditional rectangles to ovals and rounded squares.

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Mirror Wall Panel

Price: 4000 - 10000 INR/Square Foot

A mirror can be custom-cut to a specific size or shape and sticking on wall in specific pattern. This helps in decorating a room in a manner that shows off the surroundings while covering drab walls in a refreshing way.

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Digital Printing glass

Price: 4000 - 10000 INR/Square Foot

Digital printing is used to produce high resolution photographic prints and vector files for imaging on glass. Architects and designers around the world are following the trend of using glass as a material of choice for their building projects.

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Stained Glass

Price: 4000 - 10000 INR/Square Foot

Stained glass, in the arts, the colored glass used for making decorative windows and other objects through which light passes.

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Etched Glass

Price: 4000 - 10000 INR/Square Foot

The Etched Glass will add a quite breathtaking and everlasting memorable touch to the interiors. Glass surface is designed with contrasting color and eye-pleasing designs by incorporating etching methods. Instead of tiling, people prefer this glass as a decor of cabinets, wall panels, wardrobes, door frames and almirahs.

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Frosted Glass

Price: 4000 - 10000 INR/Square Foot

This Frosted Glass has a translucent surface that scatters light during transmission without compromising privacy in bathrooms, office cabins and waiting rooms. This glass is generally produced by applying acid etching and sandblasting technique on clear sheets of glass.

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Fire Fusion Glass

Price: 4000 - 10000 INR/Square Foot

Kiln-Formed glass: Kiln-forming means heating glass to very high temperatures in a kiln for the purpose of combining, shaping, or manipulating it. We offer a magnificent range of kiln formed glass, which is actually the baked form of glass pieces that are manufactured using moulds. These kiln formed glass are ideal to offer a new and elegant look to the interiors and we offer our range in various designs, colors, textures and shapes. Moreover, we also customize our range as per the requirements of our clients. Our range of kiln formed glass finds application in various high end hotels and modern residences

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Lacquered Glass

Price: 4000 - 10000 INR/Square Foot

Lacquered glass provides class and brilliance along with astounding design flexibility which enables it to be used for diverse interior applications including: wall and pillar claddings, doors, kitchen and wardrobe shutters, furniture - table tops and counter tops, lift lobby and common/break out area applications.It transforms your interior spaces by making them seem bigger and more vivid.

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Designer Mirrors

Price: 4000 - 10000 INR/Square Foot
  • Material:looking mirrror glass
  • Thickness:5-8mm Gauge
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:5 Days

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